Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have raised on 14 April the travel advisory for the Schengen Area, UK, and Ireland, including the Netherlands, to a Level-3 Warning for COVID-19 risk.

Given the increased risk of infection, the Taiwan CDC has also advised against all nonessential travel to the Netherlands. Currently, passengers that have a travel history to the Netherlands in the past 14 days are subject to a mandatory 14-day Self-Health Management period. Those arriving after 0:00 AM, on Tuesday, March 17, will be required to observe a strict home quarantine period of 14 days. According to the Communicable Disease Control Act, violators are subject to a fine up to NT$ 150,000.

We further recommend travelers to cancel all travels from the Netherlands to Taiwan and vice versa. In case travel is already scheduled, visitors have to follow the instructions for “Home Quarantine” (attached) to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases, protect colleagues, family and friends, and act responsibly.